Creating a meaningful retirement plan is more difficult than many realize, and adhering to that plan is even more challenging.  A retirement plan is a living and breathing document. We use an advanced financial income & planning software to build your plan, track its success rate, adjust for life’s unknowns, and communicate the results with you in plain English. 

Independent studies by Vanguard, Russell Investments and Morningstar show individuals who work with a good financial advisor receive meaningfully greater returns over the life of their portfolio - value well in excess of the cost. Advisors add value in many ways, from cost effective investment implementation to strategic withdrawal strategies. But where they add the greatest value is being an accountability partner, helping you navigate the joys and challenges of life.  

Read More about our carefully designed WEALTH MANAGEMENT BLUEPRINT PROCESS at MOKAN Wealth Management. 

Independent Research Quantifying the Value of a Fiduciary Financial Advisor shows that they may be able to add up to 3% of Value.

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