Kyle Hammerschmidt 

Founder & Investment Advisor Representative  

I started MOKAN Wealth and became an Investment Advisor Representative professional in order to help others pursue their goals, but I wanted to be able to put my client’s best interest first.  Being able to provide independent advice and investing solutions, plus smart financial planning. 

In fact, many pre-retirees and retirees I have met are working with these disguised financial advisors.  However, they were actually working with a captive broker, who was putting the interests of their employers and themselves about that of their clients.  All they have to show is a stack of statements, a diversified pie chart, hidden and confusing fee schedules, and no real plan.   

I believe the financial industry is structurally flawed, and investors are not properly educated.   I do my best to keep it simple, so no fancy jargon or investment terms. It’s all about your vision of retirement and how I can help you on your way to a successful financial future.

You are more than just a spreadsheet.  I believe the cornerstone of financial progress is a holistic plan.  An ALL-INCLUSIVE financial strategy to help you achieve freedom and peace of mind.

The Hammerschmidt Family

1. Kyle co-hosts a podcast that can be found on several platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

2. Kyle’s dog. Murphy, once ate 24 chocolate chip cookies in one sitting.

3. When thinking of a name for his first child. Kyle remembered a unique name from the Vhristmas movie, “Elf”. Jovee Hammerschmidt is now the new head of the household.

4. Kyle hates losing and is ultra-competitive in most things he does. “If i Lose, I will train until I can win”.

5. Kyle and his wife. Amy, met while attending K-State but did not decide to start dating until six years later when Amy was about to leave the country for two years.

6. Kyle eats super-fast. Whenever he goes out to eat with friends, he has to force himself to slow down, otherwise, he’ll finish his meal in just a few minutes.

7. Kyle’s favorite place in the world is his home.

8. Kyle has an incurable sweet tooth. He will never turn down a fresh batch of cookies or a trip to get ice cream.

9. Kyle is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and tries to attend the Thanksgiving Day game every year! When Kyle was 12, he had heart surgery in a Cowboy’s sponsored hospital and got to visit the players.

10. Kyle loves to make people laugh. If he can’t succeed with a well-timed comeback or hilarious joke, he sends a funny GIF.